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Lee Cooper Philippines

lee cooper

Lee Cooper Philippines If you have been walking across the Metro, I am pretty sure you have seen their ads everywhere. It is indeed a fine British Denim Brand. I am honored to witness and participate the British Council Festival last March. This was a two day event happened in the High Street at the the Fort Taguig City.

Receiving a message from our good friends from AQAdvertising. Me and some…

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How I Met Your Mother slash self waiting game over


How i met your mother

Kids, remember almost a decade ago and we started to watch how i met your mother. I was 20 then. Young and romantic. Somehow the elusive feeling of love overtakes me and started loving the show up until the finale.


You would hear spoilers
everywhere of what should have happened or not. Yet by the end of this great era for television. I could say himym touch my heart to the…

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